An Introduction to Cloud Analytics

Why we started

Cloud Analytics is a startup company established in 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, founded by a group of senior ex-SAP employees and professionals, including Ganapathy Sirgunavel, Manimaran Tannimalai, Hans-Juergen Mikudim, Edward Stephenson, and Dr. Sanath Sukumaran. The company was born out of a desire to meet the unfulfilled requirements of the market – a challenge that many recognise, but few can achieve.

At Cloud Analytics, our mission is laser-focused: to offer expert guidance in digital transformation, cloud consulting, and data analytics on a wide range of platforms, including Google, SAP, Snowflake, Anaplan, Jedox, IBM Cognos, Qlik, and Tableau. Through our team of dedicated consultants, we empower businesses to effectively harness the power of technology, driving growth, and optimising performance. A core strength that sets us apart is our commitment to bridging the knowledge gap in the market. In pursuit of this vision, we take immense pride in our esteemed partnership with Taylors University. Through this collaboration, we have been able to tap into a pool of intelligent, young, and talented individuals, enabling their seamless integration into the market. As an integral part of the Taylor’s Industry Advisory Panel (IAP), we are committed to guiding universities by providing valuable insights into cutting-edge industry trends. Our mission is to equip students with innovative solutions and advanced training, firmly aligned with the evolving needs of the market and industry.

At Cloud Analytics, we are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service. While our business is based in Malaysia, our reach is global. Through our partners in Singapore, India, Australia, and the United Kingdom, we can serve customers worldwide. Our team shares a common goal: to serve our customers fully and without the limiting constraints of any large organisation.

At the heart of our approach lies a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges – a principle that defines our commitment to excellence. With a diverse pool of technology experts, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions that consistently exceed expectations. As we continue to grow, our unwavering dedication to bridging market gaps remains firmly rooted in our core values.

Our primary focus is on providing empathetic service that addresses the unique requirements of each customer, no matter how complex they may be. Embracing the digital transformation era, we offer dynamic reporting structures that ensure accessibility anytime, anywhere – even on mobile devices – fostering real-time collaboration and empowering informed decision-making.

At the forefront of our offerings is Cloud Analytics, where we passionately empower businesses to harness the full potential of their data assets, driving unprecedented success in their operations. Our expertise in SAP and Oracle systems allows us to seamlessly assist with reporting and provide valuable insights to optimise your business.

With our combined efforts and expertise, we ensure that your data is in optimal condition, providing you with the confidence to make well-informed decisions. Together, we will navigate the realm of Cloud Analytics, ensuring that you have the right data, leading to the right outcomes for your business’s success.

Only “together” we can achieve success…


Our vision is to lead a data utilisation revolution through the power of advanced technologies. Utilising multidimensional cloud cubes, we expertly collect, process, and store data, paving the way for a new era of insights and understanding. Our proficiency in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Planning Management (EPM), coupled with cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, empowers us to create a seamless operations dashboard accessible anytime, anywhere.

In the realm of ERP systems, specifically SAP and Oracle, we recognise the challenges that companies face in obtaining timely reporting. It is our mission to bridge this gap with our exceptional expertise. To achieve this, we have forged strong partnerships with Industry Best, combining forces to deliver unparalleled solutions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses with mastery in data utilisation, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to elevate data collection, processing, and storage. We illuminate profound insights and understanding, propelling businesses to unparalleled growth through the transformative power of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Learning (AI). Collaborating with industry leaders, we shape the forefront of data analytics education, equipping students with pragmatic awareness of market tools. As esteemed training providers, we cultivate a community of data-inspired thinkers, revealing boundless opportunities for positive change and fostering innovation. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, education, and partnerships reshapes the data landscape for an inspired, enlightened future.

Our Core values

Cloud Analytics is driven by a set of fundamental values that shape its approach to transforming individuals, teams, and organisations. We place a strong emphasis on delivering innovative and value-driven solutions, maintaining a trustworthy and honest relationship with clients, and achieving growth and sustained success for our clients through a renewed mindset and high productivity. Cloud Analytics is committed to provide top-quality services, customising solutions according to client needs, and exceeding expectations in all aspects of its work.


The company was founded on the bedrock of integrity. This means that we are trustworthy and honest; we deliver our promises without offering any excuse to clients. We do not compromise integrity


We are passionate about contributing to the growth of companies, businesses, and organisations through Agility. We bring value-added and contemporary solutions to our clients, thereby becoming their partners in achieving more!


The company was founded and managed by professionals with extensive professional qualifications and experience. We deliver our services according to the best standards obtainable anywhere in the world.

Client focus

We put our clients at the centre of our attention. Therefore, we provide customised solutions according to their requirements and tailored to their specific needs. We work to always exceed expectations.


We put great emphasis on meeting our clients at their respective points of need, providing turnkey solutions to them, and maintaining a close support relationship with them to ensure the effective performance of our services.


As a performance-driven company, we delight in seeing positive results. We work with each clientele to achieve maximum excellence which is visible in the growth and success recorded by the company after engaging our services.

Meet our team

our Advisory board

Jason Crage

Jason Crage Jason has 20 years of expertise in Performance Management consultancy, primarily on Anaplan platform, encompassing Business Modelling, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Predictive

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Ganapathy Sirgunavel

Ganapathy Sirgunavel Ganapathy Sirgunavel, widely known as Gana, is a remarkable individual who brings a unique blend of leadership, experience, and strategic thinking to the

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Edward Stephenson

Edward “Ted” Stephenson Edward “Ted” Stephenson, CFP, CFA is a full-time professor at George Brown College in Toronto. As a dual-professional, he has served as

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Ganapathy Sirgunavel, widely known as Gana, is a remarkable individual who brings a unique blend of leadership, experience, and strategic thinking to the ICT industry. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, Gana has amassed a wealth of domestic and international experience, particularly in the areas of enterprise business planning and digitalizing the office of finance and supply chain management.

Ganapathy Sirgunavel

Founder & CEO

Edward “Ted” Stephenson, CFP, CFA is a full-time professor at George Brown College in Toronto. As a dual-professional, he has served as consultant for Start- Up’s and Tech companies. Stephenson is a CFA® Institute approved ethics instructor and has been involved in both coaching and judging at ethics and research challenges. He has lived and worked in frontier, emerging, and developed markets and is passionate about accessible financial literacy and investment education.

Ted was the CFO for SAP Malaysia and contributed to the growth and success of SAP Malaysia.

He currently serves as a Board of Director and Advisor to Cloud Analytics.

Edward Stephenson

Board Director / Advisor

Professor Emeritus Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass is widely acknowledged for his contributions to innovation and commercialization. Notably, he founded the CNE6 and CSE6 programs and chaired the Malaysian IPv6 Forum, fostering significant advancements in these domains. His advisory roles on global IPv6 expansion and service on ICANN boards have further solidified his position as a key figure in the international technology landscape.

Furthermore, Professor Sureswaran’s entrepreneurial endeavors are noteworthy. He successfully listed Mlabs Systems Berhad on the Malaysian Stock Exchange, marking a significant achievement in the business world. His scholarly contributions are equally remarkable, with over 200 research papers to his name and a portfolio of 12 patents, attesting to his intellectual prowess.

Continuing to demonstrate his commitment to academic excellence, Professor Sureswaran remains actively involved in enhancing the postgraduate programs at the Malaysian University of Science and Technology (MUST).

Professor Emeritus Dr.Sureswaran Ramadass

Board Advisor

Jason has 20 years of expertise in Performance Management consultancy, primarily on Anaplan platform, encompassing Business Modelling, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Predictive Analytics for clients throughout Australia, UK and US. He has strong acumen from  development of  Business Cases, Requirements Gathering, Scoping, Development, Project Management and Post Implementation Benefits Analysis. 

Jason has also delivered over 100 projects over the last twenty years spanning various industry sectors including Government, Mining/Mining Services , Education, Healthcare, Utilities and Financial Services. The solutions developed have comprised a wide variety of use cases across both financial and operational modelling including Financial Planning and Analysis, Strategic Long-Term Modelling, Project Profitability.

Jason Crage

Advisory Member

Dr Sanath is Managing Partner of, Agile Management Consultancy and Cloud Analytics. He is a certified Agile and Knowledge Management practitioner, Leadership and Personal Development, and Virtual Learning Design Trainer, Consultant,Coach & Mentor.

Dr Sanath has a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Computing & Information Systems, MSc. in IT, PhD in IT (Knowledge Management), and HBX CORe in Business and Analytics from Havard Business School.

Dr. Sanath Sukumaran (PhD)

Co-founder/Lead Consultant

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