In the past, challenges were faced by companies due to numerous disconnected spreadsheets, which resulted in limited insights and analysis of spending. The manual effort required to consolidate data from different sources was both time-consuming and error-prone, hindering the ability to make informed decisions.

With our cutting-edge Cloud-Analytics-powered collaboration, the procurement landscape has been revolutionised, offering clients a single source of truth. The full value of their data is now empowered to be harnessed by the procurement community, optimising the purchase of goods and services necessary for global operations.

The results have been remarkable. Improved visibility into spend across various dimensions is now provided to our clients, enabling them to make confident, data-driven decisions. The days of tedious manual work to integrate information from different source files are long gone. The platform simplifies and optimises processes for key stakeholders, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting lost in spreadsheets.

By partnering with us, a competitive edge is gained by companies in their procurement strategies. Our unique approach, coupled with Cloud-Analytics’ advanced capabilities, unlocks new levels of efficiency and cost savings. Embracing technology has never been more crucial in today’s dynamic business landscape, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Our People

Zahriel Ismail

Zahriel Ismail Zahriel Ismail is a professional in process planning & implementation with experience in Jedox and FP&A projects. He has successfully navigated the intricacies

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Hans-Juergen Mikudim​

Hans-Juergen Mikudim​

About Hans-Juergen Hannes Mikudim brings 35 years of SAP advisory & technology consulting to Cloud Analytics. Hannes was working in SAP Germany and later transferred

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Manimaran Tannimalai

Manimaran Tannimalai​

Manimaran Tannimalai Manimaran brings 27 years of SAP experience in the industry to Cloud Analytics. He was prime with SAP for about 20 years —19

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Project Management

Agile Transformation

Our goal is to align with stakeholders and improve outcomes through
workplace agility, strong leadership, and an Agile Mindset

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