Amidst a series of transformative changes, a prestigious university based in Malaysia embarked on a visionary quest to modernise its existing applications. These applications had long grappled with keeping pace with the university’s evolution, burdened by legacy systems, outdated planning functions, and cumbersome manual spreadsheet-based processes. Such inefficiencies and isolated operations had been hampering the […]


Cloud-Analytics was employed to implement a series of key initiatives aimed at elevating the Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (PBF) processes for a Malaysia-based telecom company and effectively prioritise business cases. Firstly, the development and deployment of standardised planning and business case templates across the organisation will promote consistency and efficiency in the planning process. These […]


Cloud-Analytics has solid experience in the Banking industry, leveraging our team’s expertise to provide exceptional consulting services. We take pride in our successful collaboration with one of the most profitable universal banks in the Philippines, where we offered valuable insights on Corporate Planning and Financial Reporting.  Our consultancy covered crucial aspects such as CAPEX, OPEX, […]

Property Development

Cloud-Analytics successfully provided consulting services to a Thai-based real estate development company, facilitating a seamless digital transformation of their financial planning and budgeting processes. Our expert team implemented an integrated cloud-based solution for their Finance and Procurement department, granting them extensive visibility into crucial financial, sales, and operational data. This transformation not only optimised their […]


In the past, challenges were faced by companies due to numerous disconnected spreadsheets, which resulted in limited insights and analysis of spending. The manual effort required to consolidate data from different sources was both time-consuming and error-prone, hindering the ability to make informed decisions. With our cutting-edge Cloud-Analytics-powered collaboration, the procurement landscape has been revolutionised, […]


In the airline industry, adopting a comprehensive solution can bring several benefits. Firstly, it enhances agility by enabling quick plan creation and adjustment in response to market changes. This fosters a competitive edge and facilitates well-informed business decisions. Secondly, improved collaboration is achieved through a centralised data source, promoting effective teamwork and ensuring consistent information […]

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