Mahdiyar Najjarzadeh

Mahdiyar Najjarzadeh Mahdiyar Najjarzadeh is a highly skilled professional with a strong educational background in accounting and management accounting. He is proficient in financial principles, IFRS, and financial statement preparation. With certifications in Anaplan, Level 3, and Power BI, Mahdiyar excels in financial modeling, data analysis, and visualization. His practical experience as a financial auditor […]

Erfan Nouri

Erfan Nouri Erfan Nouri, a proficient Industrial Engineer, possesses a solid foundation in project planning. He has demonstrated excellence in various roles, including Content Planner and Senior Project Planner. His Level 3 Anaplan Model Builder certification underscores his expertise in optimizing processes and employing data-driven decision-making strategies, contributing significantly to the advancement of both Industrial […]

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